My Services

Getting your book published is an arduous process. People dream about it, mull over their story, and bemoan their lack of time. And then there are those one-in-a-million people, like yourself, that have finally gotten the words down on the page. So take a moment and relish that. You are one of few.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks: maybe you’ve written the book and need a bit of help with the pacing of the plot, or you’re not sure if your main character is coming across the way he or she should. Perfect. I can help you with a developmental edit on it.

Or, you know your book is exactly the way you want it, but you just need some help smoothing out the grammar, punctuation, and formatting. Even better. A quick line-editing job may be all you need.

It doesn’t matter how good of a writer you are, how much time you’ve spent working on something, or how OCD you are about grammar, punctuation, etc. If you wrote it, you are too close to it to see it clearly. Plain and simple. If you are planning on submitting your work to an agency, a publisher, or self-publishing it, plan for success and hire a copy editor or developmental editor.

So, why would you hire me? Well, there are a number of reasons but first and foremost, I have varied experience. I have attended graduate school at Pace University for a masters in publishing, I was the editor-in-chief for my school’s literary magazine, did freelance copy-editing for a student director, and wrote for the school newspaper. More recently, however, I have worked at Grove Atlantic in their Publicity and Marketing departments and am now employed at Artisan (a division of Workman Publishing) as an Editorial Assistant.

Based on the assumption that you are searching for a skilled individual for a developmental edit, copy editing, or proofreading, please reach out for a free sample edit of up to 500 words of your manuscript. Or, if you’re in the market for help writing a pitch letter or putting together a package to send to agencies/publishers, I will be happy to provide you with a free consultation (including a price estimate) before taking you on as a client.

Regardless of your needs, I am here to provide you with a roadmap to success!

So, let me break down my services a bit further:

Types of Editing

Developmental Edit:

This type of editing typically takes place in the early stages of finessing your writing. Your story is written, but you need someone to look at your characters, plot, and overarching themes. I will look for consistency, plot holes, character and narrator voice issues, and more.

Line Edit:

I will only hone in on things like grammar, punctuation, formatting (if applicable), correct word usage, etc. This is ultimately for a final stage manuscript.


Maybe you have a video of a source for your book but really need it to be in a written format, or perhaps you are a teacher who has recorded yourself for an online class but would like to provide your students with a text version. Either way, I can help! Transcriptions can take a long time, so why not let me do it for you?


Pitch Letters and Manuscript Submission:

Having been on the receiving end of many, many submissions (that I then had to reject), I have some insight into what will get you noticed for the right reasons. There are a number of things to contemplate when putting together a pitch letter/package: how much information to include, how to most appropriately present it, who to send it to, etc. And then you need to polish it until it shines. There are few things that will get your submission tossed faster than a misspelled word, other than not following submission guidelines. This package will include one round of editing for a pitch letter and packet (including helping you craft your description, find comparative titles, etc.) and assistance in reaching out to appropriate publishers or agents (depending on your goals).

One round of editing of submission packet (including up to three sample chapters), research of at least five appropriate publishers or agents, and one round of edits to create three customized pitch letters.

One round of editing of submission packet (including up to three sample chapters), research of at least ten appropriate publishers or agents, and one round of edits to create six customized pitch letters.

The Fine Print:

*All hourly rate jobs will be invoiced three times: a retainer fee on signing of the contract, at the halfway point, and once before handing over the edited file. Each hourly rate job will include an estimate before commencing the project.

**All packages will require half down as a deposit on signing of a standard contract, which you can view here.

All payments will be processed through Paypal, and you will receive an invoice when each payment is due. I will begin editing when the first invoice is paid.

Lastly, if there is a service here that I have not included, please feel free to contact me, and I will see if I can help.